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The Project Management Institute Wichita Chapter vision is to empower project management practitioners to achieve their full potential and success.

The Project Management Institute Wichita Chapter's mission is to provide a professional community that is mutually supportive and is a positive learning environment where every individual is given the opportunity to develop competencies that enable them to successfully manage projects.

Maggie Snow

Maggie Snow is a strategist, communicator and collaborator with nearly a decade of experience in various aspects of Project Management across both the Non-Profit and For-Profit worlds; Maggie enjoys bringing the lessons learned from both worlds together to solve problems and make progress.

Maggie started her career in the Non-Profit sector, getting her start in Project Management as the Curator of Collections at the Coronado Quivira Museum with a year-long grant-funded photograph preservation project. Maggie eventually stepped into the role of Executive Director of the museum, where like all small non-profit ED's she also became the Risk Manager, Strategic Planner, Compliance Officer, Operations Manager, Membership Manager, Chief Fundraiser, Volunteer Coordinator, Chief Educator, Lead Docent, Exhibit Designer, Social Media Manager, Chief Marketing Office and Janitor. In 2011-2012 Maggie served as the Project Manager to bring the traveling exhibit "The Way We Worked" to the museum for the first of a six-site show across Kansas, which cemented Maggie's interest in Project Management.

In 2012 Maggie moved into the Financial Technology industry and servers as a Senior Education Specialist at Data Center Incorporated in Hutchinson. In this position within Professional Services, Maggie has participated in more than ten core software conversion projects for community banks across the United States, including onsite go-live implementation support and post-conversion support. Maggie leads education-related projects across the Lending application, including pre and post conversion training, creating/maintaining more than 150 hours of e-learning content and presenting customized educational content at conferences and for prospective customers. Maggie also leads Operatoinal Audit projects for banks across the country, evaluating Lending Operations and working with stakeholders to save thousands of dollars by gaining efficiencies, solving technical challenges and perfecting workflows.

Maggie holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in History from Central Michigan University. Maggie also holds Graduate Certifications in Public Administration (CMU) and Non-Profit Management (Wichita State University). Maggie discovered PMI in 2016 and joined the organization and the Wichita Chapter in 2017. She is currently pursuing PMP certification.

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for all communication to the membership and ownership of all electronic media channels for PMI Wichita  The purpose of each communication mode is to promote strong project management skills in the community, providing project managers in all fields, industries and skill levels with information and contents that leads to success in their organizations.

  • Establish and maintain an active membership plan, partnering with other Chapter Board members to identify potential membership opportunities, and provide membership and PMI information to prospective members
  • Establish a marketing plan to promote the value of PMI and chapter membership, including community outreach and development of sponsor relationships
  • Prepare for, procure, and distribute stationary and all other printed materials, including those used for marketing and branding efforts
  • Prepare monthly status reports for presentation at Chapter Board meetings
  • Liaison with potential PMI members and encourage them to become members of the chapter
  • Develop and implement a plan to recognize member milestones (e.g: anniversaries and awards)
  • Develop and implement a member retention program
  • Review membership benefits and value on a regular basis, making updates as needed
  • Develop a plan to implement outreach to the community about PMI Wichita Kansas membership; including commercial, not-for-profit and other professional associations
  • Support and attend annual meeting
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan, including documentation of all activities, policies and procedures
  • Establish a follow up and exit survey to discuss with members that do not review with the PMI Wichita Chapter

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The Board of Directors and all of the members of the Project Management Institute Wichita Chapter wish to thank each of the Chapter sponsors for their continued support of the organization and their recognition of the importance of project management in Wichita KS.
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