The mission of the PMI Wichita Business Outreach program is:

1. to advance the knowledge and practice of project management principles, and increase awareness and visibility of the project management profession among key business and government organizations throughout greater Wichita and Central/Western Kansas area, and

2. to assist these organizations to recognize the value of and come to expect professional project management discipline and governance, and utilize project management for achieving success in their objectives.


For 2018-2019, our plans are to establish a Business Outreach Committee with the objectives to:

* analyze the organizations in the Wichita and Central / Western Kansas areas to determine their level of utilization of the project management discipline

* research and define the needs of the local organizations and solicit their input for professional project management needs

* identify initiatives that will increase the value and recognition of project management practices to senior management and key stakeholders.

The Business Ambassador program is also a major component of the Outreach program; the Ambassadors function as the liaison between our chapter and the organizations in which they work.

For More Information

If you would like more information or are interested in being a member of the PMI Wichita Chapter Business Outreach Committee or of being an Ambassador for your company please contact the Director Business Outreach via email at  outreachdirector@pmiwichita.org .

We would welcome your participation and contribution to this major chapter program.